2 thoughts on “The Winchester Mystery Mansion

  1. Laura,

    I visited the house with my sister in 2009 when I went to see her. It is a fascinating place. They do conduct tours there, but the paranormal aspect is not mentioned, only the historical significance of Sarah’s life and the house itself. When I was there, I didn’t sense anything alluding to the paranormal, but, of course, that doesn’t mean that the place isn’t haunted. Plenty of witnesses have claimed to have seen/heard many things, and stories, when compared, are similar in nature and description.

    As for the “psychics'” ploy, I would be very interested in seeing sources that attest that this part of the story is indeed myth. I know that the woman was eccentric in her later years and that she had grown guilty over the deaths that resulted from Winchester arms, but I do question the “myth” claim to her belief in the spirits and how she planned to misdirect them in the confusing structure of her home. The structure of the house as it presently stands serves as a testament to her serious beliefs.

    Regardless, however, this is a great story.

    I will soon be entering images of the Winchester mansion into my Facebook photo album. Please keep an eye out for it and comment on it when you see it. I know your insight will spur some interesting discussions.


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