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  1. Good stuff to read. Though I would have to say I have seen many a battery that where brand new or just charged drain in short order. New batteries should not go dead after 1 min of recording or 10 pictures.

    It has happened to me.

    1. Hi!

      I thought it was thought-provoking, myself. I think, if a spirit is intelligent enough to interact with the living, it could do whatever it likes in that regard. I don’t have a personal opinion as to precisely what spirits are “made of,” I think it can change. Their activity can, it can go from just a knock or a thump here and there all the way to moving objects or even speaking aloud. Perhaps it may be a malfunction of the equipment, too, when certain energies of odd frequencies are near, so they aren’t draining the batteries so much as causing the equipment to short out and require more energy than normal. I just thought it was an interesting angle.

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      1. Or perhaps said spirits draw naturally on sources of energy for, say, sustenance or as a means of communication. The point: the energy depletion might be deliberate. Then again, as you have said, Loverly, the fact that the equipment is in a particular location could have something to do with it. In either case, this suggests that something, whether paranormal in nature or something else, is nearby. I wouldn’t automatically jump to the conclusion that malfunctions indicate the presence of a spirit; sometimes dampening fields or an area that is radioactive can result in equipment not working. Still, there have been many cases where some photos turn out, yet others haven’t. Quite often, for example, particular photos result in blurry images. This selective target-hitting would seem to negate dampening field or areas of radioactivity at work, since sources such as these tend to would likely cause total disruption, not just of the particulars. Again, after all natural possibilities have been discounted, I would be interested in knowing why spirits would cause equipment failure. The answers would lead us to further understanding as to the consistency and interactive nature of spirits. This would give a us a better idea whether or not spirits can actually perceive the living and what their intentions are for remaining in a particular location.


  2. Interesting article. This basically sums up the different theories behind ghostly phenomena so that a reader may be able to compare and contrast.

    Laura, to which theory do you adhere and why?

    1. Hi, Mark!

      I don’t have a set theory…lol. I just told Frank, I think if they’re intelligent enough to haunt and to interact with humans, they can probably change their form as far as energies. That would explain why so many people can go to the same place, at the same time, yet report very different experiences. Say if a group visits a place, this person may hear a voice, while that person may hear noises, but the poor guy way over here may be assaulted with flying debris (or even unseen hands). If it’s aware enough to differ that greatly per person, perhaps it manifests in a different manner with each particular kind of manifestation. Say, appearing visible to us may cause an electromagnetic field that would drain battery life, but just speaking or moving an object may not require the same energy. If that makes any sense.

      1. That’s entirely possible as far as what we know about the spirit world thus far. This is why we need to learn more about what spirits actually are, their consistency and their motivation. Apparently, they communicate in interact in a variety of ways, as many witnesses throughout time have experienced the touching, the sounds, the voices, the moving objects, apparitions, flitting shadows, etc. I would tend not to discount any of this due to the sheer number of those who have experienced such phenomena. There’s some consistency in these account in that such
        phenomena, though varied, are still common.

        Then there are the differences you have mentioned regarding paranormal experiences (such as spiritual interaction) in other cultures . . . .


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