History and Folklore

History is not as preserved as it should be today. Many people only like (or know) what they agree with, while dismissing or ignoring what actually happened. Over time, this usually means history is warped and twisted. The taming of the French Revolution is a prime example. Today, it isn’t discussed as a nation-wide massacre, hell-bent on destruction and slaughtering the common people (only around 8% of those murdered were actual “aristocrats”), but as a positive movement. That sole example from a single nation speaks volumes about the rest of history across the world.

Lore has been forgotten across the globe, not just in America. It’s easy for us to dismiss what was, historically, because it doesn’t exist today. Often, we think because we haven’t heard it, then it’s false or never existed. History proves otherwise. This is an effort to chronicle even the most obscure, unknown folklore and customs for future generations.

The lore presented here comes from previously published works and much research.

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