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  1. Wow, where do I begin? I have much to draw from, and some of my old friends even more so. I could talk about my entrunceos with Shadowmen (seen by me and people I was with) over the years. I could mention the gathering of fantastical bipedal creatures (gnomes and other imp-ish things) I saw dancing in my backyard as a teen (no, never a drug user), scaring and taunting me for several minutes. I was once chased by a destructive shadow form and a few large scorpions, alone, in the desert south of Death Valley. Stood my ground in a house where unearthly noises and every door was opening and slamming (scaring everyone else out), absolute chaos around me, I stood and declared I’m not afraid of you which instantly cast the house into a dead silence. I could describe my uncanny precognitive dreams as a child or my reliable earthquake predictions as a teen living in California. My wife and I being blatantly touched’ by an unseen force who had the courtesy to dim the lamp-light first (we both watched the gold knob turn before our eyes). UFOs? Saw two of those. Suffocating pressure, paintings with moving eyes, an old-time safe handle becoming red-hot before us and burning a friend’s hand (there were four of us witnessing this BTW) all within 20 minutes of visiting the Stanley Hotel? Yep, will never forget that experience. An old iron windmill awash in the damn scariest green glow you have ever seen spinning, spinning, creaking while slowly driving a winding road one night with my brother? Hell yes, and it impacted us so much that we returned the next day in the daylight to find the blades rusted in place (my brother hung from them, it didn’t budge. We both hung from them, they didn’t budge, and I alone was 350lbs at the time).I could talk about some of my entrunceos, I could tell you of things that go bump in the night things that make you question what your beliefs are, if you even have beliefs and how they can change in one intense moment. I could tell you of frightening things, disturbing things, events that burn themselves onto the rawest parts of your mind like the burst and the flash of a vintage camera capturing moments of fear. I could tell you I could tell you, but I already have (Everything is 100% true)

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