Weird Weather

Weird Weather
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The weather has long been regarded as “proof” of a number of events. From the coming of mythological gods in ancient times, to the end of the world and today, it’s alleged proof for global warming and climate change zealots.

So, what does weird weather actually prove? It proves that extended periods of stable, typical, or “normal” weather, are far rarer than any meteorological flukes, oddities, or other phenomena. Dangerous monsoons, destructive hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, vicious volcanoes, sudden and devastating earthquakes of all kinds, all has been annihilating plant and animal life since life began.

This growing collection of weather events should prove “freak weather” should be something the human race is accustomed to. We have no power to change, alter, or stop the climate’s cycles, anymore than we can stop the ocean’s tide. Is our weird weather truly a sign of anything? Or is it simply our world doing what it has always done?


AD 2005
  • Azad Jammu & Kashmir and KPK province Earthquake. This earthquake hit Pakistan and killed or injured over 75,000.
  • Hurricane Katrina.



AD 1906

San Francisco Quake. This earthquake measured around 7.8 on the scale and brought about fires just as the tremors stopped. In all, around 80% of San Francisco was destroyed. The death toll was at 3,000.


AD 1900

Galveston Hurricane. This was the deadliest natural disaster ever to hit the United States. The death toll remains debated, going from 6,000 to 12,000 killed. The storm went into the Midwest and up through New York City.


AD 1812

Most powerful quakes in the United States history came to Missouri and Arkansas. The quake brought what was called the “fluvial tsunami” which made the Mississippi River flow backwards. No similar quakes have occurred in this region since.


AD 1780

Great Hurricane of 1780. This is the deadliest hurricane on record for the Atlantic ocean. Between 20,000 and 22,000 died in this storm.


AD 1693

The Sicily earthquake- This earthquake hit the islands off Southern Italy and is believed to have measured 7.4 on the scale. The death toll was estimated at 60,000.


AD 1348

This year needed its own post. Snow fell in France during the summer. Earthquakes came to Germany. Massive earthquakes hit Greece, Italy, Austria, and Carniola, Slovenia. In Cyprus, Greece,  an earthquake hit the island, followed by a hurricane and a tsunami. A fiery meteor was seen in the sky, and for centuries, many would believe the Black Death came from this space rock. Earthquakes continued, as far as Baale (believed to be Nigeria), until 1360. There were quakes through Germany, France, Silesia, Poland, England, Denmark, and the Scandinavian nations.  Many meteors also appeared in Europe this year. Fire was said to fall from heaven over Turkey for around 16 days. It also rained Toads and snakes for several days. Many German accounts of this era continually refer to a thick, stinking mist that advanced from the East and continued to spread until it crossed Italy.


AD 1347

The elements in the East calmed, but it seemed only to allow a great disease to prosper. By December, the Black Death had a foothold in Constantinople, Turkey. Italy had a struggle with poverty and constructed bakeries to feed their poor. In April alone, over 94,000 loaves were distributed.


AD 1344

An earthquake in Ven-tchiou prompted what is believed to be a tsunami. Records of the era simply say the sea “overflowed.” In Guangzhou, earthquakes came again followed by loud subterranean thunder.


AD 1343

The mountain Hong-tchang sank into the earth and caused a flood. Pien-tcheon and Leang-tcheou endured 3 months of rain. The massive flooding destroyed 7 cities. This was also the start of numerous earthquakes in Egypt and Syria.


AD 1342

The regular earthquakes, famines and flooding abruptly stopped in China. Flooding came to Europe, particularly along the Rhine and France.


AD 1338

Kingsai experienced earthquake tremors for 10 days. The harvests of France failed.


AD 1337

Famine, flooding, locusts and a earthquake lasting for 6 days kill an estimated 4,000,000. This was also the first year locusts visited Franconia, Germany. The next year they would come in greater numbers.


AD 1336

Frequent, violent thunderstorms go through France.


AD 1335

Houkouang and Hunan (then Honan) suffered an extended drought, but this time, they were plagued by locusts and pestilence. Famine followed.

AD 1334

Guangzhou (then Canton), China, massive flooding accompanied by a plague killed an estimated 5,000,000 people. The mountains at Ki-ming-chan imploded, forming a lake where the mountain stood.

AD 1333

Mt. Etna erupted. China is in the grips of a deadly drought, followed by much famine. Rivers Kiang and Hoai dried up. Sudden torrents of violent rain came around Kingsai, capital city at the time. An estimated 400,000 was said to have died.


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