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  1. All known copies have disappeared? Doesn’t that seem rather strange, Laura? It makes one think these books either really didn’t exist or perhaps they (or the one on which they were based–the original?) contained something that someone wanted maintained as a secret. The multiple disappearances of the same book in itself is a mystery for a post or even a book.

    So you don’t believe the witch actually existed? The evidence tends to point to human orchestration, although details challenge those theories as well.

    1. No, the printer was a small outfit in Chicago (unknown today) and there just weren’t that many books created. I think the only printing was the first run and that was a few thousand, which isn’t many at all for a national topic, and the Bell Witch was a national topic at the time. By 1920, it was already a rare book, but a few copies still existed in libraries and things. I think the Tennessee archives had theirs until around the 1960s or 1970s, so it’s something that people alive today have seen. And then the 1961 reprint helped keep the history alive.

      I don’t think it was a witch per se, but a witch might’ve helped the person responsible. I believe it was something summoned and used against the family. I found so much on the Bell Witch, I had to break it down into a series for the blog. I’ve got plenty more to go. You were right in that much of my research has expanded many of the topics on here, but that also means the articles are just way too long to be “articles.” So, I’m having to break them all down into article series to get the info organized and delivered in readable portions.

      I think the entity or force was oddly human, and that is what made it unique, as opposed to something like the Oak Level Witch or the Bouncing Bed Witch. For now, I’ll just say someone wanted something John Bell had, and they were going to kill him to get it. And they did get what they wanted. But, time to pay for getting what they wanted came only a few years later. That’s later on in the series, too.

      So, I very much believe it happened and it was supernatural, I just think a human was behind it.

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