3 thoughts on “Pictures Worth a Thousand Nightmares?

  1. Laura,

    Yes, I do recall having heard about “Hands Resist Him,’ and I have seen it before, although I recently refreshed my memory on the details of the stories behind it. That was an interesting amount of folly. The actual eeriness was generated more through the painting itself than the stories. Bill has explained the significance behind each of the painting’s depicted features. It was discovered in an abandoned brewery (How the hell did it get there? Even Bill doesn’t know).

    As for “The Crying Boy,” the mystery behind the prints’ in-susceptibility to fire seems to be due to the notion that they were coated with an inflammable liquid that rendered them immune to flames. Their support strings burned first, allowing the pictures to fall face-down and elude exposure to the heat and fire. I cannot attest to the truth behind it, but that’s one explanation anyway. By the way, a sister twin supposedly exists, called, of course, “The Crying Girl,” although I don’t recall having ever seen it. According to legend, one solution to ending the so-called “curse” is simply to unite boy and girl in the same place. Strange, I know, but, then again, that seems to be one of the things that makes such stories interesting, whether they are based on fact or not.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing these.


    By the way, are you aware of Mott? His real name is Tom Kirsch, and he is a graphic designer and programmer who hosts his own extremely elaborate and well-maintained site on old abandoned structures. Many of his images are quite intriguing to say the least, and each feature includes an extensively delineated historical background. I thought you’d find it interesting. Take a look: Opacity.


    1. Hi!

      Wow, thanks. That’s a gorgeous site.

      I assumed more would come out as time passed. That’s one of my older articles, but I haven’t had the time to look into it since. Do you have anything for sites devoted to objects that are supposed to be “cursed?” I’ve never been able to locate anything like that.

      Thanks again.

  2. Hey Laura,

    I’m glad you liked it. Yes, that IS an impressive sight. Tome focuses strictly on historical background, which you have been known to do as well. That’s where I saw the connection.

    His site will continue to grow and grow, as he never stops exploring. The sheer number of weird and abandoned places in this world is mind-boggling.

    As for “cursed” sites, yes, I know a few. As soon as I have the time, I will look them up and post them for you. They are extremely interesting as well.

    Take care


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