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  1. Hi Laura,

    Sounds interesting. I have several projects in play, too, so I can understand having a full plate. It does keep you busy.

    As for the pre-1920s authors dealing with the supernatural, how restricted is your scope? Are you focusing on those in the United States or are you including those from abroad as well, such as the orient? You know that you absolutely mustn’t forget Edgar, Stoker, or Henry James. These three have been prominent in the area of the supernatural and have brought forth insight that has influence even investigators. I have read ghostly stories by Japanese authors as well as Spanish, so the ocean in which you’ll be fishing for material is certainly not limited by any means.

    In any case, please keep me apprised. I look forward to hearing about the progress.

    1. Hi!

      I was going for obscure Victorian writers with the book. Most of the pieces are from American/English/Scots/Irish writers and I found some from WAY back that I’m including because of their supernatural content. It’s going to be solely poetry. I even found an excerpt from Horace I’m including because it genuinely does sound as if he’s talking about a vampire, I found it in an old Montague Summers book. I stumbled across a book of Victorian supernatural poetry several years ago from 1920, but it wasn’t organized well and had nothing on the writers. Most of which are fairly unheard of today. I’m using that for a starting point. I’ve already encountered several writers that have just been lost to time. There’s no info on them at all, anywhere. The older works I’m going to have to research on their origins, so it’s hard to tell where they will came from.

      Thanks and I’ll keep you posted. Actually, it wouldn’t be so bad, but for the new book idea. It’s killing me. I can’t get it out fast enough. I don’t usually have ideas that assertive, so it has me pretty rattled.

      1. Laura,

        It sounds like you have been doing your research. As for the book for the 1920s, that was a while ago.I presume that no updates have been made since that time, otherwise you would have discovered them.

        Attempting to delve more into the obscure writers will make the book insightful as far as never-before-known information goes, but, then, you already knew that. Too bad you can’t travel abroad to conduct further research on these writers. I am sure you might find further information on them in, say, Europe. I need to travel to conduct research of my own on various projects, but my abilities are limited at this point.

        As for the supernatural content, there is so much out there that has been left obscure that new information and insights will bring new understanding to the field of the paranormal study. This is one way to go to broaden the scope for obtaining some form of evidence, if not to confirm the realism of such phenomena then to acknowledge the increase in prevalence with regards to both personal encounters and the number of those who believe in the paranormal, especially those of strong reputation.

        What is your deadline on this? Do you have one? Do you need one? Why the hurry? As you know, it’s better to take your time and do it right. After all, if you rush, you might miss something. Anything that challenging will keep you busy for a while, so why not slow down with it and take it easy. Anything that involved requires and deserves time for thorough contemplation.


        1. Hi!

          I’ve been technically “researching” since middle school…lol. I’ve always loved books and I’ve always loved obscure info. I usually take pages of notes from non-fiction books when I read them or interesting web sites. You never know when the info you find might inspire something in fiction.

          I don’t have a formal deadline, but I would like to get it out asap. I have other books waiting. I hope, sometime in the near future, to create additional compilations. You wouldn’t believe the Victorian poetry dedicated to fairies, elves and mythical creatures. Sadly, it’s all so beautiful that its easy to get lost in the work when you’re trying to work…lol.

          I try to get as much done as possible. I have an awful schedule. I care for an autistic son, a husband with a heart condition and an ailing mother. I’m always hopping and have to do as much as I can, when I can. I’m essentially a one-women show and do everything by myself.

          Hope all is well with you.

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