We welcome submissions!Do you have an article you’d like to see on Appalachia Obscura? We are always open to guest contributors and bloggers! Here are the criteria for submissions:

  • Article submissions must be on the paranormal, folklore or mythology. Obscure history is accepted; however, acceptance will be based upon how well the content fits the site.
  • No sensational content. This web site focuses on historic information and data, not graphic details or elements better suited to fiction. Focus on informing your audience, not stirring an emotional reaction in them. You don’t need to describe every nanosecond of a grisly murder to discuss the crime. Too many needless details can come across as condescending to your reader.
  • We only request the right to publish and promote your work. The author always retains full rights. Should you [the author] wish to have your published article removed, we will take it down at any time. We only require a few days notice.
  • There is no monetary compensation. We will feature an author box below your article to promote your website(s) or where readers can learn more about you.

Thank you for thinking of us. If you would like to submit, let us know.


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